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It was a whirlwind five-day pop-up that brought people together to celebrate countercultural art and design and the artists who transform the way we think about the world around us. Featured in this highly curated event were avant-garde photo prints of Kabuki theater performers by Michel Delsol, Edges of the Rainbow, a photo book on Japanese LGBTQ culture by Michel Delsol and Haruku Shinozaki, a photo series on 'forgotten places' by Gudrun Georges, skateboard decks featuring artwork by iconic artists Ai Weiwei and the Jean-Michel Basquiat Estate in partnership with The Skateroom, Topstone Projects limited-edition vaporizers, bad-ass luxury accessories, and Erbanna's newest collection of 420-friendly bags. And if you stare at the walls long enough, the world of #WhoIsDirk will start becoming your reality.

We hosted live-streamed joint rolling sessions, hemp beauty makeovers, and if you were lucky, you might have caught a glimpse of ConBody's flash mob workout.

If you missed this one-of-a-kind cultural retail experience you can still shop for some seriously cool shit right here


chuchu-blast.jpg  melush-canvases.jpg
 johannchannelsjimi2.jpg  topstone-vape-navyblack.jpg
 jointrollingsession.jpg  chuchu-bull.jpg
 thegr8one-pins.jpg  chuchu-gudrun.jpg
 -whoisdirk-melush.jpg  topstone-luckycat.jpg
 skateroom-aiweiwei.jpg  rabbitneck-cuffs.jpg
 erbanna-rabbitneck.jpg  thegr8one-tee-fu.jpg

(Photos: @counterculturepopup@muscle_park, @topstone.projects, @artofmelush, @chuchuny, @vapefemme, @rabbitneck, @thegr8oneapparel)

#WhoIsDirk wheatpaste wall installation and Chuchu NY paper sculptures and fascinators Rabbitneck
Commuting in the East Village, NYC Rabbitneck


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